Breaking News – please note

The Exec Committee (Steve, Sarah and Rebecca) and Jan and David having been working closely over the last few weeks to determine the best solution for you our members and the club in terms of fees.

In summary we have agreed the following:

  • Monthly Training Fees will be suspended immediately
  • We will review the position in 2 months if LBLC remains closed
  • If you missed the March payment we do need to agree a plan to collect
  • We ask that you keep your direct debit mandate active to avoid setting up again when we return

Here are some more detail on the above.

Having reviewed the support that David may be able to access through the Government self-employed support scheme, the funds that may become available to sports clubs during this crisis, and the financial position of the club we have determined that we can suspend the monthly training fees for at least the next 2 months or until Lord Butler re-opens if that is sooner.

If LBLC remains closed after 2 months we will review the position again, as this solution is financially a drain on the club finances.

However, please be aware of the following:

  1. We understand this is a financially challenging time for almost everyone
  2. We are a not-for-profit organisation; all our decision-making is centred on the survival of the club balanced with the need to be supported by our members
  3. We look to ensure fairness between members of the club
  4. The Committee and most of the coaches are volunteers and we are doing the best we can to support the club and its members in these challenging times

Most of you pay “in arrears”. So the March direct debit just collected relates to our costs for March (LBLC and coaching fees). If you cancelled your direct debit before the end of March then we will require this payment to be made; either now or at some point before we return to training – unless individually agreed otherwise.

Please do not cancel your direct debits – as otherwise we all have to go through the process of setting them up again when we re-open. You will receive a notification when we cancel the scheduled payments and that should give you confidence that we will not collect any money. If through human error we do make a collection then please just email and we will refund immediately.

Thank you all for your support during this time and we hope that everyone and your family and friends stay well and we look forward to seeing everyone back at training as soon as it is safe to do so.

Keep participating in David’s land training programme and challenges as this will help keep us all physically fit during the “lockdown”.

Steve, Jan, Rebecca, Sarah, and David

Following the Government announcement earlier Lord Butler Leisure Centre will close at 10pm tonight (Friday, 20th March 2020) for an indefinite period of time.

Therefore from tomorrow Seals training is suspended until the leisure centre reopens. So to be clear tonight’s training is the last for the foreseeable time.

The coaching team and Committee hope everyone stays fit and well over the coming weeks, perhaps aided with some indoor land training!

Take care

Seals Coaches and Committee.