Progression between training groups

Training Groups and Sessions Available

 The following is the progression from one training group to the next.   Also given are the sessions available to each group.  All sessions are named in time order – Tuesday first session (Tue.1), Friday second session (Fri.2) – as easy shorthand when communicating session information.

Swimmers in Black 1 (BL1) and Black 2 (BL2)  have a choice of training sessions – either Fri.1 (6.30-7.30pm) or Sat.1  (5.00-6.00) pm:   These are the training groups for all new members and it is here that swimmers improve stroke techniques, learn how to train, and gain the skills required for competition swimming.   BL2 is where our newest members start, and BL1 provides continued development for those swimmers.

Yellow 2 (Y2)  – Fri.1 (6.30-7.30pm); Sat.1 (5.00-6.00pm):   Continued development of all skills; entry into unlicensed open meets and possible selection for team competitions.

Yellow 1 (Y1)   – Tues.1 (7.00-8.00pm); Fri.1 (6.30-7.30pm); Sat.2 (6.00-7.00pm):   Start of competition training – learning what is expected but at a slightly less competitive pace than Silver Group.   Possible selection for Essex Mini League and unlicensed open meets.

Silver (S) – Tues.1 (7.00-8.00pm); Fri.2 (7.30-8.30pm); Sat.2 (6.00-7.00pm):     Support to work towards County qualifying times; selection for EML and ESL squads and entry into licensed open meets.

Gold 3 (G3) – and (6.15-7.30am – by invitation); Tues.1 (7.00-8.00pm – younger swimmers; Tues.2 (8.00-9.00pm – older swimmers); Fri.2 (7.30-8.30pm); Sat.3 (7.00-8.00pm):     For swimmers less than 14 years of age who have achieved County qualifying times.

Gold 2 (G2)  – and (6.15-7.30am); Tues.2 (8.00-9.00pm);  Fri.2 (8.00-9.30pm); Sat.3 (7.00-8.00pm):   Transition group for those with County qualifying times, but who may currently find the later sessions and depth of training programme challenging.

Gold 1 (G1)   – and (6.15-7.30am); Tues.2 (8.00-9.00pm); Fri.1 (6.30-8.00pm); Sat.2 (6.30-8.00pm):    For those with County qualifying times, 14 years and above, who are focusing on achieving at the highest levels (Regional and National competitions).

Bronze (BR)  – Fri.3 (8.30-9.30pm); Sat.3 (7.00-8.00pm):   For talented swimmers who wish to stay fit, keep progressing without the pressure of achieving qualification, but are available for selection to league and team competitions.

Multi-Sport (MS) – Tues.2 (8.00-9.00pm); Fri.3 (8.30-9.30pm); Sat.3 (7.00-8.00pm):   Some strong swimmers do not consider competitive swimming as their main sport.   Support is given to help focus on what swimming can bring to their No.1 sport.

Masters – Fri.3 (8.30-9.30pm).   For swimmers aged 19 years plus who wish to train for competition or simply for continued fitness.