Progression between training groups

The following is the progression from one training group to the next.   Also given are the sessions available to each group.  All sessions are named in time order – Tuesday first session (Tues.1), Friday second session (Fri.2) – as easy shorthand when communicating session information.

Black – Fri.2 (6.15-7.30pm); Sat.1 (4.45-6.00pm)

  • This is the entry level for all members.   It is here that swimmers learn how to train, improve stroke techniques, and gain the skills required for competition swimming.
  • To progress from this training group swimmers need to be assessed as competent at all strokes, starts and turns, and to have achieved a minimum level of fitness.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to attend ‘selected’ open meets, and may be selected for EML fixtures.

Yellow  – Tues.1 (6.45-8.00pm); Fri.1 (5.15-6.30pm); Sat.1 (5.45-7.00pm)

  • Swimmers are coached to establish efficiency in at least three strokes, to be able to dive competitively from the starting blocks, and to execute all turns legally and efficiently.
  • Progression from this group will be to Silver or Gold, at which point swimmers, coaches and parents will begin to assess whether a County/Regional level of swimming is possible and desirable.
  • Swimmers should begin to attend open meets and are expected to participate in EML fixtures if selected.

Silver – Tues.1 (6.45-8.00pm); Thurs. (6.45-8.00pm once a month); Fri.2 (6.15-7.30pm); Sat.3 (6.45-8.00pm)

  • Swimmers in this training group are focused on achieving Essex Age Group qualifying times (CQTs).   Coaching is targeted to help the swimmers achieve a CQT in one stroke and be within 10% on a second stroke.
  • Swimmers are expected to compete at all eligible open meets and participate in ESL fixtures when selected.
  • Progression to County training groups is dependent upon achieving one CQT and being within 5% of a second CQT.
  • Swimmers are expected to be able to focus on their PB and threshold times.

Gold – Fri.3 (7.15-8.30pm); Sat.3 (6.45-8.00pm).   A third session can also be selected from either, Tues. or    

  • This is the destination training group for almost all swimmers.   Swimmers may join the Gold group having previously been in any of County, Silver and Yellow groups.
  • Swimmers will be efficient in at least three strokes, generally proficient at competitive starts and turns, and be capable of assessing their own training and development needs.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to attend open meets and will often be selected for ESL fixtures.
  • Swimmers should be able to train at a similar level to the Silver and County training groups and should know their PB and threshold times.

County Training Groups

  • These are the groups for the committed swimmer who is focused on achieving County (CQT), Regional (RQT) and National (NQT) qualifying times.   They are split on age, as stated below
  • Swimmers are expected to train as much as possible and to continually achieve at least two CQTs.
  • Swimmers are expected to attend all eligible open meets and to participate in ESL fixtures if selected.
  • All swimmers must know their PB and threshold times.

County Junior (14 years and under as at 31.12.2019)  – and (6.00-7.30); Tues.2 (7.45-9.00pm);  Thurs. (6.45-8.00pm) by invitation; Fri.1 (5.15-6.30pm); Sat.1 (4.45-6.30pm)

County Senior (15 years and over as at 31.12.2019) – and (6.00-7.30); Tues.2 (7.45-9.00pm); Thurs. (6.45-8.00pm) by invitation; Fri.3 (7.15-8.30pm); Sat.3 (6.15-8.00pm)

Regional – Thurs. (6.45-8.00pm)

  • This is a sub-set of the County training groups outlined above.   It is for swimmers who are dedicated to achieving Regional times and are within 5% of an RQT on at least one stroke.

Masters – Fri.3 (7.15-8.30pm)

  • Swimmers aged 21 years and over who have a love of swimming and wish to train for continued fitness.
  • Swimmers may wish to enter open meets, and make themselves available for selection to EML and ESL fixtures.