Sessions and Locations

Training Groups

There are various swimming ability levels within the Club, from entry level to strongest:

Black 2 (BL2):  Expectation 1 session per week

Black  1 (BL1):   Expectation 1 session per week

Yellow 2  (Y2):   Expectation 2 sessions per week

Yellow 1  (Y3):   Expectation 3 sessions per week

Masters Section: Expectation 1 session per week

Bronze  (BR):  Expectation 2 sessions per week

Multi-Sport  (M3):  Expectation 3 sessions per week

Silver  (S):  Expectation 4 sessions per week

Gold 3  (G3):  Expectation 4 sessions per week

Gold 2  (G2):  Expectation 5 sessions per week

Gold 1  (G1):  Expectation 6 sessions per week

Please visit the Progression between Training Groups page to see a full description for each level category.  Continuous assessment takes place and changes to a child’s group is decided by the Head Coach, who will move your child up when he or she is ready to do so.


Training Session Locations and Times

Sessions are not currently being held at Walden School.   

Walden School, Mount Pleasant Road

Mon.1 – 16.15 to 17.15:  Mon.2 – 17.15 to 18.15:  Mon.3 -18.15 to 19.30

Weds.1 – 18.00 to 19.00:  Weds.2 – 19.00 to 20.00:  Weds.3 – 20.00 to 21.30

Lord Butler Fitness & Leisure Centre, Peaslands Road – 06.15 to 07.30

Tues.1 – 19.00 to 20.00:   Tues.2 – 20.00 to 21.00 – 06.00 to 07.15

Fri.1 – 18.30 to 19.30:  Fri.2 – 19.30 to 20.30:  Fri.3 – 20.30-21.30

Sat.1 – 17.00 to 18.15:   Sat.2 – 18.15 to 19.30

Please note Walden School training sessions continue through half term holidays but not the Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks. Training sessions held at Lord Butler Fitness & Leisure Centre continue throughout the year, except Bank Holidays and Christmas.

If you are a qualified swimming teacher or coach and you could spare us some time poolside, we would be very pleased to see you. If you feel you could help in this way please contact  John Stirling (

General Year Session Plan

The Coaching Team put together an annual plan outlining training sessions for the whole club.  Although distances will vary within training groups the same strategy will apply across all training groups. Please click here to download a pdf of the Year Plan.

Sessions Available to Swim Groups

As a club swimmer you should know which session(s) you have been allocated, but if you are unsure then please contact Jan Bright  ( for details. – G1, G2:    Mon.1 – Y1, G3:    Mon.2 – S, Y2:                            Mon.3 – G1, G2, G3

Tues.1 – G3, S:   Tues.2 – G1, G2, M3

Weds.1 – Y1, Y2:    Weds.2 – G3, S:   Weds.3 – G1, G2 – G1, G2:   Fri.1 – G1, G2, M3:   Fri.2 – G3, S:   Fri.3 BR, Masters

Sat.1 – Y1, BL1:   Sat.2 – M3, BR, BL2

Please note any changes to sessions will be communicated through GroupSpaces. Please make sure the contact email address provided to us is correct.