How We Communicate

Club Organiser

Once your membership registration is complete, you will have access to the Members section of Club Organiser (our online swimming admin system).  This provides a password-protected login where swimmers can access all their contact details and personal best times, and we request that your child’s login is activated as soon as you receive details from Club Organiser.   We would be grateful if these details could be updated as and when required.   All information is covered by the Data Protection Act as outlined in the Swim England Child Welfare documents.

It is essential that all swimmers, parents and guardians are familiar with this system as it is used to collect fees, organise open meets and drive our communication.   

Please keep a careful note of your Login ID and password.

We also communicate via our Facebook page SWSC Saffron Seals, and through the Saffron Seals WhatsApp group.   This group is administered and should only be used for specific swimming club queries and announcements.

Seals also has a privacy policy, which is shown here.

SWSC Privacy Notice

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