How to join Saffron Seals

If you would like your child to join Saffron Seals your first port of call is our Membership & Trials Coordinator (   Give us your child’s relevant details (d.o.b., contact telephone and/or email, swimming experience if any) and leave the rest to us.   Alternatively, download the Joining Form below, complete and return to the email address above.    Trials are presently being undertaken on Saturday and Sunday  mornings .

Seals Joining Form

Swimming Trials

Swimmers are invited to a trial to demonstrate their swimming stroke skills and to join all potential swimmers must be able to execute the following water skills as the minimum requirement.

• Swim 50 metres Front Crawl, Breaststroke and Backstroke.
• Show and maintain a good understanding of breathing, timing and a good position in the water, throughout the 50m.
• Do a plunge dive
• Do a roly poly
• Push and glide both on front and back
• Swim under water for 5m.
• Scull head first and feet first for 10m.

During the trial the swimmer may also be asked to attempt Butterfly or Dolphin Wiggle, and any other skills the Coach may feel necessary to see on the day.

Swimmers moving to the area or from other clubs

Swimmers that have moved into the area and have been a member of a swimming club, or who wish to transfer from another club, are more than welcome. Please provide us with information relating to the club previously attended and level attained within that club and we will do our best find a place in an appropriate session. We may call the club for more information.


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