Ethos, Behaviour and Training

Our Mission Statement is

  • Encourage members to be safe and confident in the water
  • Encourage members to enjoy their swimming, improve their skills and realise their individual abilities
  • Encourage members to compete successfully, be able to lose graciously and, in doing so, develop a sense of responsibility and team spirit
  • But most of all ….
  • Enjoy membership of a social swimming club with more than a hint of competition

Swimming is a great life skill – not many sports can save your life or, just as importantly, allow you to save the lives of others; and competition, both as part of a group and as an individual, helps build confidence, character, and self reliance.


Saffron Seals has a Behaviour Policy which each swimmer, when he/she joins the Club, signs to say they have read and will abide by.   We respectfully request that parents/guardians ensure that this happens.   Behaviour Policy


Saffron Seals has high expectations of its swimmers.  We believe that only through great effort can great rewards be achieved, and that children really appreciate being pushed to achieve their best.

Our swimmers are divided into nine training groups – Black for our newest members through to Gold 1 for the older swimmers who have County qualifying times and are looking to progress to Regional and National standard.    See Sessions and Locations and Progression through Training Groups pages for more detail.


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